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About Us

At Time and Place, the ease of booking and managing appointments is our top priority. We offer a dynamic, simple-to-use platform that can make life easier for all involved, whether this is by supporting your business or by expanding the options available to customers.

During one of our catchup calls at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a simple discussion about how difficult it had become to book an appointment for a haircut that would work around our busy everyday lives and schedules at the time, sparked the idea that would eventually lead us to creating Time and Place which you will now know as TAP.

We had the idea that we wanted to create a platform that was, first and foremost, simple and easy to use, and also create a sense of community between businesses and customers, something that we had not seen done before.

So, starting out with just a notepad and a few (what we thought) were good ideas, we set to work creating the platform that you see today. We are constantly looking to innovate and bring new ideas to life, all with the goal of making everyones lives easier.

The TAP Team

Appointment Management
Appointment Management
Managing appointments has never been easier!

Business Insights
Get to know your custom base better than ever before with our analytics feature

Payment choice
Payment Options
Flexible payment options for both businesses and customers

Business listing
Marketing Tools
Seamlessly link your website and social media platforms to your TAP profile

Responsive Platform
A responsive simple to use platform with both iOS and Android apps

Secure Platform
Safe & Secure Platform
There’s no need to worry about your businesses or customers information with our safe and secure to use platform

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